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Throw Throw Burrito

This post was last updated on November 26th, 2023

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Grown up playing “Palla Battaglia”, the Italian version of Dodgeball: Check

Have a game night every once in a while with friends: Check

Love to throw burritos at your friends: Check (Seriously, who doesn’t do that every day?!)

You’re an adult who doesn’t want to grow up and be a kid forever: Check

Project on Kickstarter: Hey we are making a game that combines cards and dodgeball, but with burritos!

This is basically what I went through when I saw that the guys who made Exploding Kittens were making a card game where to win you have to play dodgeball with burritos.
You’ll be wondering: “Why would I want to throw a greasy burrito at a friend inside my house? It would be a mess afterwards!” Well, that’s the best part: the burritos aren’t real! They are very nice, cute, and squishy foam burritos, so don’t worry about having to clean up afterwards! Crazy right?

But let’s stop with all these incredible discoveries and let’s throw ourselves into the gameplay to check how this game works!

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Game Overview

Throw Throw Burrito is the ultimate result of combining a card game with dodgeball.
Gather sets of cards before the opponents and play them to earn points, while throwing and dodging squishy airborne burritos.

Game Components

  • 120 Cards
  • 2 Burritos
  • 6 Burrito bruises
  • 1 Fear Me badge

How to play Throw Throw Burrito

Goal of the game

The game is split into 2 rounds and the goal to win is to get the most points within the end of the second round. Points are earned by passing cards around the table and accumulating 3-of-a-kind sets as quickly as possible.
Some unique sets of cards trigger Burrito battles, in which the first player struck by a flying burrito loses a point.


Shuffle the deck of cards and give each player 15 cards (doesn’t have to be 15, anything close to that number is fine) to be laid face down on the table to each player’s right. These are called Personal Draw Piles.

Divide the remaining cards into two even(ish) piles and lay them face down in the centre of the table. These are called Community Piles.

Finally, place the Burritos and the Burrito Bruises at the centre of the table.

Important: make sure each player can easily reach at least 1 Burrito and 1 Community Pile in the middle of the table.

Next, each player draws the top 5 cards from their Personal Draw Pile into their hand and the game can finally start!


In this game, there are no turns and all players draw and discard cards at the same time.

The aim is to get 3 matching cards in your hand as quickly as possible; to achieve that you must draw cards from your Personal Draw Pile and discard cards face down onto the Personal Draw Pile of the player to your left, one at a time.

If your Personal Draw Pile runs out of cards, you may draw from the Community Piles until your Personal Draw Pile has cards again.

Once you get a set of 3 matching cards in your hand, put them on the table in front of you and draw 3 more cards, as you can never have less or more than 5 cards in your hand.

There are multiple sets of cards worth different points:

Card types preview
  • Normal card sets are worth 1 point;
  • Battle card sets (Brawl, War or Duel) are worth 2 points and also trigger battles, another huge part of this game;


As written above, when you collect a set of 3 Battle cards, a battle is triggered. But how do they work?

There are 3 different types of battle, depending of which set of cards is collected and played:

  • Brawl
  • War
  • Duel


When you collect a set of 3 matching Burrito Brawl cards and you place them in front of you, the two players to your left and right are immediately in Brawl.
Each of them has to grab a Burrito from the centre of the table and try to hit the opponent.

The first who gets hit by a burrito loses the battle.


Similar to the brawl, when you collect and play a set of 3 matching Burrito War cards, every players (expect for you) enters in a War.
Each of them has to grab a Burrito and throw it at any other player.

The first who gets hit by a burrito loses the war.


When you play a set of 3 Burrito Duel cards, you can pick any 2 players (yourself included) and they have to start a Duel.
Like in any spaghetti-western movie those players have to stand back to back and take a step away from each other, at the rhythm of “3… 2… 1… Burrito!”.
On the last word they both turn and throw their Burrito.

The first player to get hit loses the duel.

Be aware that if you don’t have the correct set of 3 cards for the battle you declared, or if you mistakenly grab a burrito and you weren’t supposed to be in battle, you lose the battle. Always be focused on the game!

As a consequence of losing a battle, the player must take a Burrito Bruise and put it in your score pile.
A burrito bruise is worth -1 point and only one of them is given out per battle.

The game can now be resumed, until the next battles!

End of the game

This game consists of two rounds.
When the last Burrito Bruise is handed out, the first round is considered finished and that round is won by the player with the most points.

Fear Me Badge image

As a reward of winning the first round, that player receives the Fear Me Badge which has to be displayed on the table in front of him/her.

Now reset the table and play a second round with the same rules written above.

At the end of the second round two things could happen:

  • if the player with the Fear Me Badge wins again, that person wins the game;
  • if another player wins the second round, that person must duel with the winner of the previous round to determine who wins the game.


Throw Throw Burrito is that type of game that doesn’t take itself seriously. One thing that I love about it is that even the instructions tell you not to be precise setting up the game and just have fun. It’s the perfect party game to play just to add a little bit of craziness to your game night.

You might be worried that playing it inside your house you might break something, with all the throwing involved. Believe me, I had the same worry but I couldn’t be more wrong: the Burritos are so soft and light that it would be impossible to knock something down throwing them. Besides, just in case, you can store the breakable stuff away just for the length of the match.

Playing Throw Throw Burrito is one of the most fun I’ve had in a while with board games. Me and my friends couldn’t stop laughing throughout the whole match, and we got some pretty good memes out of it too!
We still laugh about this friend of ours that, while a Burrito war was being held, he couldn’t care less about it and with nonchalance he said he made a tris. In that same moment he got two burritos in his face, thus losing that war ahah.

Honestly, if you want to spice up your game nights, just buy Throw Throw Burrito, you won’t regret it.
Or just wait for the Avocados. And by that, yes, I mean that they are making a sequel to Burritos named Throw Throw Avocado. And yes, of course I’ve already pre-ordered it here!

Save 33%
Throw Throw Burrito
  • THE ULTIMATE COMBINATION: What do you get when you combine a card matching game, dodgeball, and some toy burritos? A game night you’ll be telling your grandkids about! Meet Throw Throw Burrito – the world’s first dodgeball card game from the guys that changed your life with Exploding Kittens. It’s a party game unlike any you’ve played before. Collect cards, earn points, throw burritos, rub your success in everyone’s face – the kid and adult games for game night you’ve been looking for.
  • A RECIPE FOR GLEE: A game where your quick-thinking skills are tested and you stand a chance of fulfilling your lifelong dream – whooping your great aunt with a burrito. The aim of this card game for families is to end up with the most points at the end. Matching 3 cards of a kind gets you points. Getting whacked with a burrito loses you points. So, dodge that adorable squishie! Every set comes complete with 120 cards, 2 burrito throw toys, and 7 tokens (6 Burrito Bruises and 1 Fear Me Badge)
  • BURRITO WAAARRR!: Get those antiques out of the way and prepare yourself for dodgeball, burrito style. You’ll stumble upon 3 types of cards that can trigger a battle. Match 3 of them to really get the party started. There’s Burrito Brawl that forces the player on your left and right to go at it. Burrito War that pits everyone against each other apart from the player that matches the cards. And our favorite: Burrito Duel! Players stand with their backs against each other, take 3 paces, and throw.

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We aren’t done yet, sorry!

The creators of Throw Throw Burrito had the brilliant idea to design a version of the game with GIGANTIC INFLATABLE BURRITOS to be launched at your friends, instead of the mini squishy burritos.

What to say? It’s the perfect game to play during the summer!

Can you see yourself running across the garden, hiding behind trees or jumping in the pool trying to hide that oversized burrito coming towards you?

If yes, go get it! Fun is assured!!

Save 8%
Throw Throw Burrito: Extreme Outdoor Edition
  • The World’s First Dodgeball Card Game, NOW EXTREME AND OUTDOORS – Collect matching sets of cards faster than your opponents while simultaneously ducking, dodging and throwing inflated airborne burritos
  • A Game by Exploding Kittens – Creators of award-winning, hilarious and entertaining games that adults, teens and kids will all enjoy
  • A Simple and Easy Game for Kids and Adults – Clear some space and go outside, because you’ve never played a party game quite like this. The oversized cards you collect earn you points, but you lose points when you get hit by 3-foot tall inflatable burritos

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, at no additional cost to you. See our Affiliate Disclosure

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