About Us

Hello there and welcome to Tabletop Games Wanderers!

We are three friends passionate about Board Games. This passion started kind of out of nowhere, back when we all three lived in Italy and started playing games in our free time.
From that moment, the weekly game night became a must for our group.

At first, we didn’t own a lot of games, but our collection grew since then.
Sure, we don’t consider ourselves board games’ gurus, but that’s exactly what this blog wants to be: a simple guide full of top 10s, reviews, and strategies from the point of view of three friends who just love to play them.

But there’s more to it: another passion we have in common is travelling, that’s why we would also like to share every once in a while articles about our travels including the games we’ll play along.

This is where the name Tabletop Games Wanderers comes from, we wander around the huge world of board games, but we also wander around the world playing board games.