Dixit Expansions

Dixit is one of the best board games to come in recent years and it has spread widely all around the world with great reviews pretty much everywhere.
Because of its popularity, Libellud made a lot of Dixit expansions and we decided to rank them based on their beauty and difficulty.

My recommendation would be: buy them all! I love this game though, so I’m a little biased towards it!

If you love this game, like me, but you are not sure which Dixit expansion packs are worth having, let me help you with my personal ranking.

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10th – Dixit Quest

I think this expansion just adds more cards to the game, and more cards are always better in a game like Dixit, but that’s pretty much it.

The style is very sketchy, cards are not as beautiful nor as detailed as the Dixit base game or Dixit Odyssey, and I haven’t used this expansion in a very long while, because we always opt for the more recent expansions, which are prettier.

Worth it if you want to add replayability to the game; but if you are looking for pretty cards, keep reading.

Our Dixit Quest’s favourite cards

9th – Dixit Daydreams

Dixit Daydreams expansion game box with a preview of some of the cards

I think this one is just a pretty expansion: I like the cards and the style. The main theme is obviously Dreams. And I can definitely see a dreamy style in the cards.

Some of them are very good, but overall I personally think that it’s very easy to give obvious titles to the cards since they are not much detailed.

There are some references to well-known fables, so that makes this expansion very suitable for children, but adults can appreciate them as well.

If you like the dream’s theme I’d suggest opting for this expansion.
Otherwise, like the previous Dixit expansion, I would recommend buying others before purchasing this one.

Our Dixit Daydreams’ favourite cards

8th – Dixit Harmonies

Here the style of the cards is very similar to the first two Dixit expansions, even though a little bit improved.
The colours used for these cards are mainly the primary ones and overall there is an almost complete absence of deep contrast.
These 2 combined factors result in a lack of small hidden details that prevent players from choosing challenging titles.

I have to say it: Harmonies has probably one of my favourite Dixit cards, still I think overall there are better expansions than this one.

I would put it at the same level as Daydreams: pretty style, but some cards are not very detailed.
I still like these cards, and I’d suggest buying this expansion if you like abstract art.

Our Dixit Harmonies’ favourite cards

7th – Dixit Origins

Dixit Origins expansion game box with a preview of some of the cards

This is an expansion with a very particular and different style from the other ones: the cards seem drawn with coloured pencils.

I think these are cards that are very easy to give titles to: there are a lot of details and each card has a lot of themes you can get your title from, such as movies, songs, and emotions.

Regarding the main theme of this expansion, all the cards have a creepy vibe, with a lot of monster-like figures. The style also kind of reminds me of Tim Burton movies.

Not one of the best Dixit expansion packs out there, but definitely a solid expansion!

Our Dixit Origins’ favourite cards

6th – Dixit Mirrors

This is the latest expansion to the game. Did we really need it? Well, not really, with now almost a thousand cards and no space where to store them. Did I enjoy it? HECK YES!

I cannot stress enough the concept that more cards in a game like Dixit are always good. And if they come with an art style like the one in Mirrors, well, keep them coming! The artwork is one of the best out of the most recent expansions, the artist behind it is Sébastien Telleschi.

The variety in themes is wide, and in some way they all follow the title of this expansion, mirroring scenes from movies and from real-life experiences. Most of the cards are very colourful, hence making it very kid-friendly.

As always, there are some cards that put together things that don’t really make sense in real life, but that’s why Dixit is great, giving you ideas to make your brain work and find connections where there usually wouldn’t be any.

Our Dixit Mirrors’ favourite cards

5th – Dixit Anniversary

Dixit Anniversary expansion game box with a preview of some of the cards

This expansion came with a really neat idea that brought a breath of fresh air to the game: they reunited artists from the previous expansions, and each one of them made some of the cards.

This makes this expansion very unique since it has mixed artworks from all the previous ones.
It also makes it a good expansion to buy before the other ones because based on the artworks you like the most, you’ll be able to choose which expansion to buy next.

Beware though, some of the cards are kind of creepy, so it’s probably not the most kid-friendly expansion.

Our Dixit Anniversary’s favourite cards

4th – Dixit Journey

Dixit Journey expansion game box with a preview of some of the cards

This is the first expansion in which we saw a real change in the style of the cards: it’s very clean and detailed, and the cards are very colourful.

It’s one of the expansions I use the most because there are plenty of titles you can give to these cards, taking inspiration from a variety of things, especially from movies.

Some artworks seem taken straight up from an animated movie, thus making it a great kid-friendly expansion.

In a ranking table, this Dixit expansion is definitely up there with my favourites.

Our Dixit Journey’s favourite cards

3rd – Dixit Odissey

Dixit Odyssey expansion game box with a preview of some of the cards

This is the first expansion of the game and it came both as an expansion and a new standalone version of Dixit.
But online it’s now very difficult to find the expansion version.

In the standalone version, they added a new mechanic to the game and the maximum number of players was raised from 6 to 12. They added the red peg, which you can use whenever you have a doubt between two cards. If you guess the narrator’s card using just one peg, you get an extra point. (you can check the full review of the game here)

Now, about the cards: the style is one of the simplest and most basic ones and the drawings are not my favourites. Though the strength of this expansion lies in the easiness to give many titles even to the same card.
This, sometimes, makes it very hard to find the narrator’s card.

So comparing it to the Dixit base game, I definitely recommend buying Dixit Odyssey. It’s more fun to play in big groups and the cards are slightly better.

Our Dixit Odyssey’s favourite cards

2nd – Dixit Revelations

This one is the other Dixit expansion (beside Origins) with a very unique and different style.

Personally, these are my favourite cards based on beauty and art style.
In the first print (and only for the first print) of this expansion, 21 cards have golden details, which makes this expansion even more particular and neat.

Regarding titles, I think these are not very easy cards to give titles to because they are very specific, even though they have a lot of details. It’s a great expansion to own, even more, if you already have other expansions.

A recurring theme in this expansion is Ancient Greece with a lot of references to Greek Myths.

Are you looking to buy new cards? Well, this is a Must-Buy!

Our Dixit Revelations’ favourite cards

1st – Dixit Memories

Dixit Memories expansion game box with a preview of some of the cards

This is probably my favourite of all the Dixit expansions and I find myself playing with these cards a lot!

The style is very cartoonish, the cards are very colourful, and the more you look at them, the more details you’ll be able to find. This is also why I consider this Dixit expansion pack the most suitable to use if you are playing with children.

You can take inspiration from many themes: movies, cartoons, videogames, and even songs!

If you are buying your first expansion, this is, in my opinion, one of the best ones to have.

Our Dixit Memories’ favourite cards