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Best Eldritch Horror Expansions | Ranked List

This post was last updated on February 4th, 2024

Eldritch Horror is a game that was released back in 2013 and it took the board gamers’ world by storm with its unique ideas and beautifully designed Lovecraftian world.
This game delivers a lot of hours of fun to spend with friends and family, and every session can take many hours of play.

Over the years we also had numerous Eldritch Horror expansions, all of which add different elements that improve the story and appeal of this already great game.

And probably it does make you wonder, which are the best Eldritch Horror expansions?
Before jumping straight to the article let me throw you some brief considerations about them.

All the Eldritch Horror expansions are divided into 3 main groups:

  • 4 Card Only small box expansions.
  • 3 Card + Board big box expansions.
  • 1 Card + Mode big box expansion.

Generally speaking, the small expansions have more value compared to the big boxes, considering what they bring to the table and their price. They increase the replayability of the game, adding some great new mechanics and new cards for your deck, without influencing too much the playing time, already quite long.

If you want to change the game even more, the big expansions are the ones you should aim for.

Worth noticing that this list is also affected by my personal preferences about the theme of each expansion. For example, you will see Under the Pyramids rated higher than Mountains of Madness for a few reasons including my preference for the Egypt theme over the Antarctica one.

With this premise, you are now ready for my personal list of the Eldritch Horror expansions ranked from the worst to the best.

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Best Eldritch Horror Expansions

8th • Masks of Nyarlathotep: latest released big expansion that closes the loop of this incredible Lovecraftian universe.

7th • Signs of Carcosa: follow the path of the truth to stop Hastur from spreading insanity and dissension all over the World.

6th • Mountains of Madness: explore Antarctica to unveil the history of the ancient race of Elder Things.

5th • Strange Remnants: explore the mysterious ruins left behind by past civilizations to stop Syzygy’s black portal from devouring the Earth.

4th • Under the Pyramids: travel across Egypt to defeat the cultists that are trying to bring the Dark Pharaoh back.

3rd • The Dreamlands: follow the investigators on a journey through the strange visions in your deeper nightmares.

2nd • Cities in Ruin: discover and stop the source of the disasters happening all over the world before it collapses for good.

1st • Forsaken Lore: stop Yig’s cultists from achieving their goal of summoning the Father of Serpents in this must-have expansion.

Masks of Nyarlathotep

Masks of Nyarlathotep is an expansion that requires players to bring down the strange cults gathering all over the world, which are unified by the same goal: awakening the Ancient One named Nyarlathotep, the messenger of the Outer Gods.
This iconic Lovecraftian creature is extremely powerful and investigators must stop the cults to prevent Nyarlathotep from gaining too much strength that would let him open the Ultimate Gate, meaning the world’s end.

There is also another Ancient One added to the game, Antediluvium. This is more likely a scenario in which players have to stop the Antediluvium Ancient One arising and the creature in question is non-other than … no spoilers here!

Masks of Nyarlathotep introduces a few new mechanics to the game, such as Unique Assets, Focus and Resources.
In addition, there are Personal Stories, unique to each character, and the much anticipated new Campaign mode, where the players will face a total of six sequential scenarios in order to win the game.

Masks of Nyarlathotep new main contents

2 Ancient Ones

  • Nyarlathotep
  • Antediluvium

7 Investigators

  • Agatha Crane
  • Calvin Wright
  • Carson Sinclair
  • Daniela Reyes
  • Father Mateo
  • Preston Fairmont
  • Sefina Rousseau

Final Thoughts

Masks of Nyarlathotep is not my favourite expansion at all. Due to the fact that this expansion was the grand finale of Eldritch Horror, I had much higher expectations.
The two Ancient Ones are great additions, as well as some of the new mechanics added to the game.
But the campaign mode is a big let down and compared to other expansions I didn’t get the same vibes when playing a game with a strong theme.

Plus, the fact that it’s a big expansion but it doesn’t contain a side board it’s a bit disappointing.

I’d buy all the other expansions before this one.

– It requires the core set to play –

Save 18%
Eldritch Horror Expansion – Masks of Nyarlathotep
  • ANCIENT HORROR RISES: Dive into the eerie world of Eldritch Horror with Masks of Nyarlathotep, an expansion that unveils a sinister conspiracy spanning the globe.
  • SINISTER CULTS UNITE: Investigate the gathering strength of strange cults, all worshipping Nyarlathotep, the Messenger of the Outer Gods, as they seek to usher in an unspeakable doom.
  • NEW ADVENTURES AND MYSTIC RUINS: Embark on thrilling Adventures, explore enigmatic Mystic Ruins, and confront the monstrous followers of Nyarlathotep across the world.

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Signs of Carcosa

Signs of Carcosa is one of the small expansions of Eldritch Horror that adds only cards.

In this expansion, you get to face Hastur, an Ancient One whose focus is to try and spread insanity all over the globe. This creature from Aldebaran will do everything possible to make life on Earth a living nightmare, so your mission is to try your best to stop him.

Luckily there are 4 new investigators in your team that will help you achieve your mission, as Hastur and his mysteries are going to be hard to deal with.

Signs of Carcosa new main contents

1 Ancient One

  • Hastur

4 Investigators

  • Dexter Drake
  • Jenny Barnes
  • Michael McGlen
  • Wendy Adams

Final Thoughts

Signs of Carcosa adds some new content to the game in the form of new conditions, artifacts, assets, spells, Mythos cards and a plethora of encounter cards too.
It’s an expansion that shows the massive insanity an Ancient One can bring to each character and is known to be one of the most difficult creatures to beat.

I personally think that this is the weakest expansion among the small ones. It adds more value to the Eldritch Horror experience, but I found other small expansions working better.

– It requires the core set to play –

Save 24%
Eldritch Horror Expansion – Signs of Carcosa
  • A NEW ANCIENT ONE: Confront the terror of Hastur as he spreads insanity and chaos in this gripping expansion for Eldritch Horror.
  • ADDITIONAL INVESTIGATORS: Four new investigators join the fight to save humanity from the encroaching horrors, each with unique abilities and backgrounds.
  • GLOBE-TROTTING MADNESS: Explore the world with a wealth of new Encounter cards for every continent, ensuring fresh and unpredictable adventures.

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Mountains of Madness

Mountains of Madness is the first big expansion released in 2014 and features a plethora of new content, including the side board of Antarctica.

In this expansion, you must walk your way through the chilly temperatures and frozen lands of Antarctica, following the path of a Miskatonic University doomed expedition, in order to find answers and clues to save the Earth from the awakening Ancient Ones.

You will find your answers in the territories surrounding the old city of the Elder Things, an ancient alien race that was ruling all life on Earth.
But keep your guard up as evil creatures are hidden in the icy mist.

Mountains of Madness new main contents

1 Ancient One

  • Elder Things
  • Ithaqua

8 Investigators

  • Agnes Baker
  • Daisy Walker
  • Finn Edwards
  • George Barnaby
  • Patrice Hathaway
  • Tommy Muldoon
  • Ursula Downs
  • Wilson Richards

Final Thoughts

Mountains of Madness brings a new important mechanic to the game, called Focus. It’s a very useful action that can be implemented even without the need to purchase this expansion. You just need to download the rules and use random tokens instead of the Focus ones.

Even though it adds a few interesting Investigators and new mechanics, I found the latter a bit boring compared to other expansions.

Definitely my least favourite big box expansion.

– It requires the core set to play –

Strange Remnants

Strange Remnants is a small expansion in which the game leads you to explore some extraordinary, large stone monuments that appeared all over the world. Your mission is to discover the secrets of these past civilizations ruins in order to save the world from being swallowed by the Ancient One Syzygy’s black portal.

The newly introduced Mystic Ruins mechanic allows the players to explore a variety of incredible locations such as the Great Wall of China, Stonehenge, as well as the Easter Islands and Chichen Itza.
The expansion also has unique assets and glamour spells that you need to use against a very powerful Ancient One.
In addition, there are 4 new investigators to choose from and prelude cards that offer interesting, refreshing and fun quests and scenarios.

Strange Remnants new main contents

1 Ancient One

  • Syzygy

4 Investigators

  • Marie Lambeau
  • “Skids” O’Toole
  • Tony Morgan
  • Zoey Samaras

Final Thoughts

Strange Remnants is a great addition to Eldritch Horror because it adds some of the best Investigators to the game and new interesting mechanics, such as the Mystic Ruins deck.

The new Ancient One Syzygy falls a little bit into an easy-to-defeat area, which might not provide enough challenges to the more hardcore EH gamers.
Good expansion for more casual gamers or whoever wants a more relaxed game night.

– It requires the core set to play –

Eldritch Horror Expansion – Strange Remnants
  • GLOBAL ADVENTURE: Embark on a worldwide journey to haunted stone monuments, including Chichen Itza, Easter Islands, Stonehenge, and the Great Wall of China.
  • COSMIC THREATS: Uncover the mysteries of these eerie ruins and perform vital rituals before an evil portal threatens to consume the Earth.
  • NEW ANCIENT ONE: Face a fresh terror with the introduction of a new Ancient One, accompanied by Glamour Spells and Relic Unique Assets to aid your quest.

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Under the Pyramids

As the name suggests, this is the expansion that takes us to numerous locations all over Egypt, including the Nile River, Tel El-Amarna and Cairo, among many others.

The action takes place during the 1920s when cultists are trying to bring back the Dark Pharaoh. Needles to say, this ancient ruler is up to no good and he wants to force mankind into slavery. You have to stop him at all costs.

Being a bix box expansion means that a side board is also included in the box and this time it is the Pyramids map.

Under the Pyramids new main contents

1 Ancient One

  • Abhoth
  • Nephren-Ka

4 Investigators

  • Hank Samson
  • Harvey Walters
  • Joe Diamond
  • Mandy Thompson
  • Minh Thi Phan
  • Monterey Jack
  • Rex Murphy
  • Sister Mary

Final Thoughts

Exploring the locations through Egypt and North Africa adds an entirely new layer of fun and mystery, bringing as well some Indiana Jones vibes to the game, which I personally love.

The Ancient Ones have fun mechanics and the majority of the Investigators are cool. The new side board, mechanics and elements all add up to convey an amazing experience.

If you like the Egyptian theme, this expansion should absolutely be your first big box expansion purchase.

– It requires the core set to play –

Save 33%
Eldritch Horror Expansion – Under the Pyramids
  • EGYPTIAN ADVENTURE: Explore the mystic wonders of Egypt with six new locations, including bustling Cairo, ancient Tel El-Amarna, and the majestic Nile River.
  • ANCIENT EVIL RESURFACES: Uncover the malevolent plot of Cultists seeking to resurrect the Dark Pharaoh, a powerful evil threatening to enslave humanity.
  • ADDITIONAL INVESTIGATORS: Eight new investigators join the fight, armed with Relics, Glamour spells, and legendary allies to combat the impending darkness.

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The Dreamlands

In The Dreamlands expansion, investigators must examine the strange visions in their nightmares and work against the forces which seek to merge the land of dream with reality.

You can explore three new maps, the Underworld, the Enchanted Wood, and you can also voyage to the Moon, while fighting together with the two new Ancient Ones: Hypnos, the lord of sleep, and Atlach-Nacha also known as the Dreamweaver.

Like many other Eldritch Horror expansions, this one also comes with a multitude of Mythos cards, assets, conditions, spells and adventures that you need to uncover and complete.

1 Ancient One

  • Atlach-Nacha
  • Hypnos

4 Investigators

  • Hank Samson
  • Harvey Walters
  • Joe Diamond
  • Mandy Thompson
  • Minh Thi Phan
  • Monterey Jack
  • Rex Murphy
  • Sister Mary

Final Thoughts

The Dreamlands is my favourite big box expansion by far.
I think it has the most Lovecraftian theme among all the expansions, amazing artwork, good Investigators and some encounters are real fun.

After buying a couple of small expansions to expand the game at a lower cost, I would definitely grab this big box.

– It requires the core set to play –

Save 18%
Eldritch Horror Expansion – The Dreamlands
  • JOURNEY TO THE DREAMLANDS: Explore the ethereal Dreamlands in this captivating expansion for Eldritch Horror, featuring an entirely new side board with enchanting landscapes.
  • NEW INVESTIGATORS: Eight intrepid investigators unite to confront the insidious Ancient Ones, Altach-Nacha the Dreamweaver, and Hypnos, the Lord of Sleep.
  • SPELLS, CONDITIONS, AND ADVENTURES: Unleash the power of a vast array of new Spells, Conditions, Assets, and Adventures as you traverse dreamscapes and face otherworldly encounters.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, at no additional cost to you. See our Affiliate Disclosure

Cities in Ruin

Rumbles in the far distance. The ground shakes while the sky turns dark. Something beneath the surface stirs.

Cities in Ruin is a small expansion in which Shudde M’ell, The Cataclysm from Below, prepares to take over the planet in the form of gigantic and deadly disasters. Cities are turned into ruins, and typhoons eliminate everything on the coastline.

Something bad is coming, and you must do everything you can in order to discover the source of these unnatural disasters.

Cities in Ruin new main contents

1 Ancient One

  • Shudde M’ell

4 Investigators

  • “Ashcan” Pete
  • Bob Jenkins
  • Rita Young
  • Roland Banks

Final Thoughts

Cities in Ruin is an amazing expansion because it adds the new mechanic of the Disasters to the game.
If you played Eldritch Horror for some time, you know that the only never-changing aspect of the game is the map. You have your favourite locations where you can feel safe even in the darkest turn.

With the introduction of the Disasters mechanic, everything changes as the map will be destroyed while progressing the game. A dramatic twist that hugely increases the replayability and mixes up the game.

Super recommended.

– It requires the core set to play –

Eldritch Horror Expansion – Cities In Ruin
  • UNLEASH CATASTROPHE: Dive into chaos as ancient forces awaken in Eldritch Horror Cities in Ruin Expansion, featuring catastrophic disasters and an ominous new Ancient One, Shudde M’ell.
  • FOUR NEW INVESTIGATORS: Join the ranks of four courageous investigators determined to save the world from the impending cataclysm, and uncover their unique abilities.
  • DEADLY DISASTERS: Face unprecedented challenges with deadly disasters like violent earthquakes, devastating typhoons, and the impending awakening of an ancient evil.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, at no additional cost to you. See our Affiliate Disclosure

Forsaken Lore

Forsaken Lore is the first expansion released soon after the release of the base game, and what an expansion despite its size.
In fact, this is the smallest Eldritch Horror expansion, as it only adds 1 new Ancient One, Yig, but it also adds a plethora of mysteries for the existing Ancient Ones, new interesting encounters and a variety of assets, spells and artifacts that contribute to enhancing the base game even more.

Forsaken Lore new main contents

1 Ancient One

  • Yig

Final Thoughts

All of the new components bring a more refined Eldritch Horror experience to players, extending the entertainment beyond the regular game.
While the main goal remains the same, the added features bring in a more cohesive and fun game experience.

This is the best Eldritch Horror expansion by far that you don’t want to miss because it perfectly integrates the new add-ons with the base game, without changing the gameplay too much.

It should have been included in the base game.

– It requires the core set to play –

Save 14%
Eldritch Horror Expansion – Forsaken Lore
  • EXPANDED ADVENTURES: Dive deeper into the world of Eldritch Horror with Forsaken Lore, an expansion that introduces thrilling new encounters, mysteries, and challenges.
  • ANCIENT EVILS RESURGE: Previously defeated Ancient Ones return to reclaim the world, testing your investigators’ mettle like never before.
  • RESEARCH AND DISCOVER: Utilize new Research cards to delve deeper into the lore surrounding each Ancient One, uncovering hidden truths and strategies.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, at no additional cost to you. See our Affiliate Disclosure

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